Pre-arranged funeral service is not about you as much as it is about the loved ones you leave behind. . We have prepared the following information to help you understand all of the important decisions that you will be faced with when pre-arranging for final care. The most common question that is asked when discussing pre-arranging final care is “Why?” Without a doubt, the most important reasons for pre-arranging your final wishes is to lift that burden from your family at the time of your death. Secondly, if you are pre-arranging a funeral or cremation for one of your family members, it will allow you the opportunity to make sound decisions versus emotional decisions that are made many times at the time of death.. Pre-arranging gives you the opportunity to calmly think through exactly what you want and how you want it. Whether it is by telling us through visiting our funeral home, us coming to your home, or filling in the pre-need questionnaire, pre-arranging for final care is a true gift.

Pre-arranging also allows you to pre-finance your funeral services. Although this is something that is not required, it will only further help to ease the burden on your family at the time of death. If you would like to talk to Shannon Mullins about pre-arrangements and /or pre-funding a funeral or cremation or if you just have questions, we invite you to call us at (239) 242-0909, and we will help you in any way we can. However if you can’t or don’t currently feel a need to contact us for any reason, we would encourage you to use our pre-need questionnaire which contains questions about all the information that your family will need at the time of death. Our stance on pre-arranged funeral services as well as at need services is the same; there is no right or wrong way to do it, but ensuring your wishes are known is of utmost importance to the one’s you love and care about.

  • Personal Information:

  • (City/State or County/State or Country)
  • (Maiden name & full name of wife or husband's full name)
  • (for longest period during working life)
  • (include her maiden name)
  • Person who will be in charge of my funeral arrangements:

  • Military Information:

  • (Wars fought in, medals earned, military campaigns)
  • Family Members:

  • Address and phone numbers
  • Hometowns and phone numbers
  • Hometowns and phone numbers
  • Hometowns and phone numbers
  • Hometowns and phone numbers
  • Hometowns and phone numbers
  • List relation, hometowns, and phone numbers
  • My Funeral Service Preferences:

  • (Funeral Home, Church, Graveside, or other)
  • (Minister's hometown and phone number)
  • (If property not owned, include location of cemetery, city & state)
  • (Organ/piano background, live vocal, or recorded music ~ If live vocal include the vocalists names and phone numbers)
  • (Include pallbearers hometown, home phone number, and bearer type designation) (A = Active Bearer, H = Honorary Bearer)
  • (List involvement and if you would like an honor guard)
  • (List education and place of schooling, wedding date and place, work history and places I lived and worked, Clubs, Lodges, Hobbies, what I liked doing, significant accomplishments, Boards, Committees and community and Church involvement, etc.)

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