Barbara Snyder

April 28, 1942 - August 24, 2021

Barbara Snyder moved to Fort Myers in 1979 and give there until her passing on August 24, 2021, when she passed. Barbara was the wife of late Edward Snyder and the mother of Stacey Snyder.

She is survived by her son, Todd Snyder, who resides in Santa Monica, California, along with her granddaughter. Skyler; her sister, Mary; brother, Chris of Buffalo New York; as well as her boyfriend, Russ of Inglewood, Florida.  

Barbara’s favorite title was mother, and friend of humanity. She was active throughout her life in activism with a focus on human rights.  

A celebration of Barbara’s life will be scheduled at a later date.

Instead of flowers, any donations can be made to Lost Faces of Humanity, a 501-C-3, a charity that was formed by her son, which focuses on assisting refugees living in Eastern Africa.

Mullins Memorial Funeral Home & Cremation Service, Fort Myers, is entrusted with final care.


  1. Morisa Taylor Aug 30, 2021 at 4:43 pm

    Dear Barb,
    My heart is shattered and in utter shock and in complete disbelief that you lost the battle to Covid! I’m so angry and disgusted with all the irresponsible people you attributed to your premature death! I posted a eulogy about you and your life how you were a bright light, fire wire, political activist who always spoke what was on your mind as you were authentic and raw and real! I admired that about you , most people live their whole lives in a phony state of mind, you certainly didn’t!
    I was so ecstatic that you met Russ who was wild about you and even bought your dream home on the water! I was thrilled when Todd told me Chris wanted to give you the proceeds to the sale of your moms home, like was really turning for the Best , all the stars were aligning, it was finally your turn to live like a Queen, I was your biggest cheerleader! My dream was you’d financially be good now and come to California with Russ to visit Todd, Sky and my family and we would reciprocate and stay in your new beautiful home in Florida!
    I was so hopeful when you entered the hospital, you’re strong wil and healthy physique would not let Covid defeat you, but you would win in victory! Sadly the Covid came in like a tsunami and took you out! I tried Barb, have calls with all your doctors, recommending all medications, alternative, anything outside the box in Hope of a miracle. Todd flew to Florida as I know you held on for him because your coloring was still rosey and vibrant until he arrived to the hospital, you clearly were exhausted and didn’t have the fight in you!
    I’m grateful your last words to Todd were what a good son he was and that you were ok!

    Barb I know you want this and in your name, I will fight your building , anyone accountable to have put you in this horrific position, I will fight for justice in your name, so you will be proud and so your soul will be able to rest! We have very similar personalities so you know nothing will go down without a fight!

    Lastly, I’m so relieved you had your favorite ring on your finger when you passed, I know how much sentimental value and pride it meant to you! Skyler will keep it near and dear to her heart and hopefully pass down generations from now as an heirloom and as part of your legacy!

    Barb, be well, may your journey to heaven be peaceful, may you be greeted with love, and open arms, you now get to be with your parents and most importantly your beloved daughter Stacey!
    G/d bless and always be a guardian angel to Todd and Skyler and always protect them from life’s evil!
    You will be missed, I will miss your phone calls and know you sweet loved by many!

    Sweet Dreams,
    Morisa xoxo

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