Bobbie Lynn Delaney

August 21, 1958 - October 12, 2019

Bobbie Lynn Delaney, 61, formerly of Dallas, TX and St. Paul, MN, passed away Saturday, October 12, 2019 at her beloved home in Cape Coral, FL where she has enjoyed every day since 2015. She was born in New Orleans, LA on August 21, 1958. She is survived by her loving husband, Dave Delaney of Cape Coral, FL; daughters, Kelly Alexander of Cleveland, TN, Anngel Delaney and Delia Yarrow of Ithaca, NY; as well as a granddaughter, Leora Yarrow of Ithaca, NY.

Bobbie’s legacy entails her courage and strength through life’s struggles and dark moments while continuing to blaze her own trail like a firecracker. There was never a question of Bobbie’s love – it poured out of her heart through her words and actions – you could see it in her eyes and you felt it in your soul. Being in her world meant you were cherished, accepted and celebrated exactly as you were.

Basking in retired life with her knight in shining armor, “Wednesday Warriors” time, soul sister connections, visits from her adult “kids,” granddaughter, and lifelong friends filled her days. She was genuinely happy, content and loved the life she and Dave built together.

Bobbie’s contagious laughter, twinkle in her eyes and talking to anyone who will listen – are already missed beyond words. She graciously shared her joy so many ways. Her dancing and singing in public despite sometimes not being able to carry a tune. The uncanny ability to look absolutely adorable at all times, even in her pajamas. Her quick wit and bantering with the best of them. The sense of humor that would have you snorting, holding your belly and trying not to pee yourself all at once. Her impartial kindness, empathy, and love. Bobbie embodied the gifts of thoughtfulness and ability to make others feel special. The world is forever changed by her beautiful, kind soul that touched everyone she came in contact with.

Bobbie’s most precious pastime was “Making Memories” with her loved ones, so in remembrance of the love, laughter, and joy she shared – please, go after those.

Celebrations of Life for Bobbie will be held in both Cape Coral, FL and Rochester, MN.

Mullins Memorial Funeral Home & Cremation Service, Cape Coral, is entrusted with final care.


  1. Amy cole Oct 24, 2019 at 3:54 pm

    Bobbie always had a smile on her face no matter what life thru at her. She LOVED deeply! Her most prescious gifts were her daughter and her sweet husband. She couldnt talk enough about both to me. Oh Bobbie you will be missed. ♥️

  2. Angela and boys Oct 24, 2019 at 6:01 pm

    Bobbie, I am so grateful to have known her! Never a dull moment, her smile was contagious. And what an amazing young woman she brought into the world, Kelly Alexander ❤️
    You are missed dearly! We love you Bobbie.

  3. Tin Oct 24, 2019 at 10:30 pm

    Even though I didn’t know Bobby personally she was a friend of mine on Facebook for the last four years and she watch my grandchildren grow up with all the pictures and she always comments and we struck up a good relationship we hope we would meet up on day I said I never been to Florida before she said if you ever come you have a place to stay you and your family she was a very nice and genuine person and I’m so sad I will miss you dearly give my mom a hug for me in heaven

  4. Mikki Eifert Oct 25, 2019 at 10:49 am

    I haven’t seen Bobbie in ages and Facebook brought us back in touch. I was so grateful for the reconnection and even more happy to see the life she built with Dave. I am truly heartbroken. I will remember this beautiful lady and our times in Dallas. Sharing a picture of the girls at Juliet’s wedding back in Dallas.

  5. susan ribeiro May 23, 2022 at 6:36 am

    I am Bobbie’s sister, we have been estranged for 35 years…I kept thinking we had time to fix what was broken between us, how wrong I was. Bobbie and I shared the same childhood and I believe that is what divided us. I am sorry to hear of her passing, she was so young…what happened?

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