David Diehl Brittain

September 18, 1961 - December 16, 2021

In Loving Memory of David Diehl Brittain: 9/18/1961 – 12/16/2021.

He is survived by his loving mother, Gay Griffith & stepfather, Francis Griffith; his sister, Sue Prosnak; nieces, Christina & Melissa Prosnak; as well as extended family and friends. 

He was born September 1961 in West Covina S. CA to Gerhild (Diehl Brittain) Griffith & David Petty Brittain (Deceased 2007). Ten and a half months later his sister, Sue, was born. They were very close their whole lives. As a child, Dave was smart and introverted. As a teenager, he took up skateboarding, including building a 14’ tall “U” shaped ramp about 8’ wide, which was skated on by the Z Boys/Lords of Dogtown and featured on a cover of Skate Boarding Magazine! Both Dave and Sue became lifelong sci-fi fans from watching the original Star Trek TV series to Star Wars, Star Gate, and every TV show or movie including Galaxy Quest and beyond. He loved music of every kind from classical, to Reggae, to vocals of 70’s, but mostly Zeppelin & RUSH!!!! He loved Neil Peart’s drumming!

In 1979, our parents moved from the house where we grew up in Walnut CA, to the house we referred to as the “Hotel Brittain” in Rancho Cucamonga. Dave and dad shared a love of all sports especially the Olympics, basketball, and football. They loved to play hundred-ball-call-shot pool for hours on end. We all loved drinking margarita’s, listening to music, and going into the sauna, hot tub & Pool even in winter. The family did many wonderful trips together: 5 trips to Germany to see mom’s parents, many trips to Hawaii, for our parent’s Amway business. Also several snow skiing trips to Aspen or Mammoth Mountains. We did a wonderful trip around the USA in the Bicentennial year, because dad said they should learn about our own country too. It made a big impression and made us feel very patriotic. He attended Walnut High School, Chaffey Community College & U Cal Poly Pomona graduating with a BS in Computer Info Systems. He worked for the same company, Aris, for 30 years straight out of college!  There he met lifelong friends (later roommate) Alan Mintz & Jack Wilson. He also had a very close friend in Paul Konins, his first roommate at his Pavia Pl house. They were his closest friends.

He was in Sue & Tom Prosnak’s wedding 9/28/1985 and loved his nieces to bits when they were born 5 & 7 yrs later. He loved the water and learned to be a sailboat captain after falling in love with Hobie Cats and watching the “America’s Cup” races. He went on most of our camping/boating trips to Lake Mead, Mohave & Havasu through the 90’s; plus boating with us during his visits after we moved to FL in 2001. He visited every Christmas and most Thanksgiving times, even more so after mom & dad moved to FL in 2005. He also came just before dad passed in July 07. I’m sure they are laughing and joking in heaven now.

After much cajoling from mom, he finally moved across the country to Florida on Thanksgiving Day 2020. He enjoyed his last year of life here doing the things he loved like BBQing dinners for mom & pappa Bill or eating out at many wonderful restaurants. He was always helpful with computers or being a chauffeur, or just reorganizing the garage! He loved to talk conspiracy theories from Illuminati, JFK assassination, Federal Reserve Banksters, Deep State, or “Q”, and he was a die-hard Trump fan. He eagerly awaited Trumps return to Presidency. We loved debating philosophy, the bible & Creation Science. He had asked Jesus into his heart before moving to Florida. He was able to enjoy boat rides thru Fort Myers Back Bay, and the Sanibel Thriller Dolphin boat ride. We often relaxed at the house drinking wine while listening to Dave’s great (but outdated) surround sound system. He enjoyed watching numerous political shows or Dexter New Blood! He was soft spoken, kind without an angry or mean bone in his body! He had a quiet humor with a sharp mind and quick wit. Dave loved comedy like Cheech and Chong’s movie Up In Smoke. To quote Cheech Marin; “Dave? Dave’s not here!”

David passed on around 2am of December 16, 2021 from a presumed heart attack.

No formal services are planned at this time.

Mullins Memorial Funeral Home & Cremation Service, Cape Coral, is entrusted with final care.


  1. Sue (Brittain) Prosnak Dec 20, 2021 at 1:42 pm

    There will be an online informal Zoom Service on Sunday Dec 26 at 4pm ET.
    If you are interested in receiving the link, please email Sue.Prosnak@gmail.com subject Dave service

  2. Paul Konins Dec 20, 2021 at 5:46 pm

    After reading the families story of Dave’s life specifically mentioning Dave & his father playing hundred-ball-call-shot pool it bought back a thrilling memory. I took Dave to a former employer’s big 50th birthday party in Nellie Gail Ranch…it was the party of a lifetime, even the cards at the blackjack table had Sir Flair 50th printed on it. There were 2 billiard players. They only would play for wager…so what’s a friend to do? So I backed Dave so he could play, the results were astonishing. My former employer said your friend Dave beat my guys & I’ll have to advance them till pay day!
    Dave & I laughed all way home.

  3. Trudy Dec 21, 2021 at 7:01 pm

    I am so sorry for your loss of such a warm wonderful part of your family. If I can do anything for y’all please let me know.

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