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History of Mullins Memorial Funeral Home & Cremation Service

After serving in the funeral industry for most of his life, Shannon Mullins needed a break. He decided to do what many people in Southwest Florida were doing, real estate. His specialty was mortgage banking for two of the largest lenders in the country, at the time. While originating mortgages, Shannon met a special realtor named Sheila Koberski. In time, they fell in love, married, got pregnant and enjoyed the Florida lifestyle. But something was missing. Shannon had confessed his desire to open a family owned and operated funeral home to Sheila on their very first date. She remembers it vividly.

As the real estate industry begin to wither in 2007 and 2008, Shannon and Sheila had many, many financial ups and downs. In one of their downs, Sheila strongly expressed her frustrations with Shannon for not following his dream and pursuing his passion; what he calls his God given talent. That spark was all it took! Well that and $50,000.

Shannon and Sheila come from modest backgrounds and are workers. They both always have been from age 12. Sheila from New England and Shannon from the Mid-West. However, despite a great work ethic and trustworthy character, no one would loan them $50,000. So the dream stalled. Shannon is a sourcer, a man of silent conversation with God. He has the unique ability to manifests his thoughts into reality based purely on faith and action. Thus, one night, He instilled the thought…he did not need someone to loan him $50,000 but rather he needed ten people to loan him $5,000. Shannon and Sheila secured their money with seven days and we’re off and running.

In October 2011, after many months of building renovations and all that goes with it, Mullins Memorial opened at 1056 NE 7th Terrace on nothing more than a hope, a dream and good kick in the butt from Sheila. They knew that Shannon was done with banking forever but did not realize how fast Sheila would be forever done with real estate. On the first day, they invited Pastor Wes Furlong into the funeral home. Pastor Wes graciously offered a word of blessing of the business and anointed the main entrance threshold. His prayer ending with, “May all that enter this doorway find this sacred place, a haven of peace. Amen.”

Three days later Sheila received the start-up funeral home and cremation service’s first call for service. The man had passed away in his yard feeding his wrens. A sad scenario to say the least. Shannon responded to the home on Pine Island to transport the deceased back to the funeral home. Lee County Sherriff’s office was there to help. Because of where this gentleman passed, his yard, there was a question as to whom would be signing his death certificate. The gentleman who passed….Phillip Christ, Jr. Sheila and Shannon thought to themselves what a beautiful family name to serve as the very first family whom entrusts us.

The next day the Medical Examiner calls the funeral home and states that Mr. Christ’s cardiologist will be signing his death certificate. Who is the cardiologist? None other than Dr. Cross. Shannon likes to say, “you can’t make this stuff up.” Sheila and Shannon knew they had all of the affirmation they would forever need at that very moment. They were right where He wanted them to be, doing precisely what He wanted them to do.

Since 2011 the Mullins Memorial family has served thousands of families in Lee County, Florida and surrounding areas. And since acquiring the oldest continuous operating funeral home in Lee County, formerly Anderson Funeral Home on Palm Beach Blvd, their footprint continues to expand. The Palm Beach Blvd. funeral home has been in continuous operation since 1972.

Shannon and Sheila and the entire staff pride themselves on just taking care of people. Doing what’s right. Doing what’s fair. Ensuring that there is hope in the death dare industry for honest, sincere people who really do care.

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