Online Cremation

Online Direct Cremation – $995

Online direct cremation is defined as a cremation service that is streamlined and without the full array of services nor goods that we offer to a full-service direct cremation customer.

About Online Cremation

With online cremation we do not meet with you in person but rather handle all matters of the process via the computer and telephone. We do not assist with veteran benefits. We do not assist with an obituary. We do not assist with setting up memorial services. We do not order death certificates but rather only file the death certificate per State law. We do not provide thank you acknowledgement cards. We do not accommodate those choosing this option 24 hours a day but rather Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm, in all business matters except for telephone conversations or to pick up the decedent from wherever they may be. And you must have a computer and the ability to scan, email or fax documents back to us in order to use this option.

The Process

Once you have determined that On-Line Direct Cremation is the service you would prefer, you will need to do the following:

  1. Notify the person of authority that Mullins Memorial will be assisting your family. The person of authority will most likely be a nurse, fireman, medic, police officer, social worker or similar.
  2. Notify Mullins Memorial that you have chosen us to serve your family.
  3. Fill out the death certificate questionnaire that follows and submit to Mullins
  4. Mullins Memorial will email all docs requiring your signature to you along with an itemization of goods and services.
  5. Fill out the paperwork accordingly.
  6. Sign where noted and send back.
  7. Provide payment.

Start Online Cremation Process

Online cremation consists of the following goods and services:

Mullins Memorial’s professional services, transportation within 35 miles to a Mullins Memorial facility, refrigeration required by law, the crematorium fee, the cardboard alternative container required for the actual process and the temporary cardboard urn.

The only expense that is not included is the Medical Examiner Cremation Authorization fee of $60, if that fee applies. The fee does not apply if your loved one was under the care of the medical examiner for any reason.

The ashes will then be picked up at Mullins Memorial by the designated party or shipped to the designated party. Shipping of ashes is $195.