Cremation Planning

Cremation planning, whether at the time of need or in advance, is broken down into three categories.

Full Service Direct Cremation
Starting at $895

Also called simple or basic cremation by others, refers to a cremation where there is absolutely no viewing of the deceased by anyone at the funeral home prior to the actual process. This option does require the use of an alternative cremation container. This is the least expensive cremation selection.

Identification Only Cremation

Identification Viewing Only Cremation is that special option that allows immediate family only, time to identify their loved one but also allows for a brief time to say goodbye. When selecting this option, the body is not required to be embalmed but is required to be bathed, topically disinfected and dressed in clothing provided by the family. This option because of no embalming does not allow for friends, neighbors or extended family. Nor does this option allow for any skin to skin contact. This option does require the use of an alternative cremation container. This is the second least expensive selection.

Traditional Cremation

Traditional cremation is where everything is done in a traditional funeral format but instead of going to the cemetery, the decedent is then cremated. This option does require embalming and the use of a cremation casket or rental casket. Because of the embalming operation there is no limitations on the time for the viewing nor limitations on whom can view the decedent. Skin to skin contact is permitted with this option. This is the most expensive selection.

All of these services can be paid for at the time of death or in advance at Mullins Memorial based upon our licensing through the State of Florida. Not all final care providers are licensed to accept advanced planned monies because of the stringent licensing requirements to do so.

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