Pre-Arranging Cremation or Traditional Funeral Services

Pre-arranged final care is not about you as much as it is about the loved ones you leave behind. We have prepared the following questionnaire to help you understand the important decisions that you will be faced with when pre-arranging as well as to begin to “put pen to paper,” if you will.

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The most common question that is asked when discussing pre-arranging final care is “Why?” Without a doubt, the most important reason for pre-arranging your final wishes is to lift that burden from your family at the time of your death. Secondly, if you are pre-arranging a funeral or cremation for one of your family members, it will allow you the opportunity to make sound business decisions versus emotional decisions at the time of death. Pre-arranging gives you the opportunity to calmly think through exactly what you want and how you want it.

All cremation and traditional funeral services can be paid for at the time of death or in advance at Mullins Memorial based upon our licensing through the State of Florida. Not all final care providers are licensed to accept advanced planned monies because of the stringent licensing requirements to do so.