Videography Services

At Mullins Memorial we specialize in assisting families in creating memories on what is most times, the hardest days of one’s life. Many times, because of the raw emotions and surreal nature of the situation we find that families have glimpses in their memory of what took place at the time of the service.

Thus, this is the main reason we provide videography services. We want families to go back and remember. Remember and cherish. We feel those that go one before us are not truly gone until we forget to remember. Videos are a great way for families to have cherished heirloom quality memorialization product that is passed on to the next generation.

Our productions are just that. We take great pride in the final product that every family absolutely adores and wants to share. They are high quality productions synced with music, still shots and video. We invite you to view a couple of videos for reference below. And should you have questions, feel free to ask.

We also offer videography services for those wishing to leave their family a personal message when pre-planning, that would be released only after a death has occurred. We invite your interests in this service.