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It is our belief that entrusting someone to care for your loved one at death is a decision that is not taken lightly. At Mullins Memorial Funeral Home your loved ones care is handled professionally and sincerely. We are here to serve the families of Cape Coral, Ft. Myers and all surrounding areas. We offer around the clock service and are prepared to respond to a need at a moments notice.

Burial Services Starting at $2,840

Funeral Planning

Funeral Planning, unlike Cremation planning, is not broken down into three categories. The reason is simple. There are so many different options and ways to do a traditional funeral. There are lots of major decisions and lots and lots of minor decisions. For instance, some people want flowers. Others do not. For those that wish to have flowers, some of the decisions that may need to be made are what type of flowers, what type of arrangement, what color of flowers, what color of ribbon, what type of budget; just to name a few. With that same mindset, things such as times, locations, who is speaking, who are casket bearers, etc., etc. are just a few of the many decisions that must be made. To break funeral planning down into categories would not do the plan justice. Because of the amount of decisions that must be made, it is virtually impossible to quote someone a price for a funeral without narrowing down precisely what a given person desires. We pride ourselves on being professionally licensed funeral directors to aid in this process. You will never feel pressure to make a decision at Mullins Memorial. But rather, you will receive competent suggestions and advice. Ultimately, whatever you choose is at your comfort level.

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All of these services can be paid for at the time of death or in advance at Mullins Memorial based upon our licensing through the State of Florida. Not all final care providers are licensed to accept advanced planned monies because of the stringent licensing requirements to do so.