Family owned and operated funeral home opens in the Cape

November 22, 2011

A family-owned and operated funeral home, which specializes in cremation, opened in Cape Coral during the first Family-owned-and-operated-funeral-home-opens-in-the-Cape-1week of October.

Mullins Memorial Funeral Home and Cremation Service, LLC, owner Shannon Mullins and his wife, Sheila, have been residents of Cape Coral for more than 10 years.

Shannon started in the funeral business in 1992 and has lived in eight funeral homes and has owned one. He said he previously managed two funeral homes in Cape Coral, which recently merged together.

“My passion is people and serving people at the most difficult days of their life,” he said, adding that it is important to take care of people at their hardest time. “The true heartfelt gratitude that you get from families that you serve is next to nothing.”

Shannon decided to open the funeral home because he saw that there was a real need in the city for an independent funeral home that offers similar services and goods at a significant cost.

Shannon said they offer final care with dignity and affordability.

“Just because we may accommodate our price, our level of service is maintained at all times,” he said.

In addition, he said he wanted to open the funeral home because he wants to offer his daughter, who is 18 months old, with the opportunity to take over the business when she becomes older if she so desires.

“This business has helped me to slow down and enjoy the journey and serve the families of this community,” Shannon said.

The funeral home serves all religious beliefs, nationalities and all financial situations. Shannon said his facility the only family owned and operated full-service funeral home and cremation provider in Cape Coral.

In addition, he said it is the only funeral home in Cape Coral to perform all preparation work on-site.

Shannon has his own room on-site to handle cremation.

“The least that you can move and transport the body or change custody of the body, the less chance of mistakes happening,” he said.

There is also a refrigeration facility on site, Shannon said, because in the state of Florida there is a 24-hour law that requires a body to be embalmed or refrigerated after death. ‘We are here to serve at a moment’s notice,” he said, adding that customers will always deal with the owners of the business. All night visitations are also available to families at the funeral home. “This building is the community’s building,” he said. The funeral home also provides virtual services for family members who are out of state and cannot make the trip by offering real time in the room via the Internet.

Shannon said they will also provide individuals with the option of having their ashes scattered by a rocket by the end of the year. He said families can choose to have all or a portion of their loved ones’ cremated remains scattered via rocket.

The funeral home also provides translation in Spanish, German and Italian for families who need the service. Resources for grieving material are also available for families. Mullins Memorial Funeral Home and Cremation Service, LLC., is located at 1056 N.E. 7th Terrace. For information, call 239-242- 0909. The website provides history, advanced planning information, current obituaries and an online guestbook.