James Allen Dekett

April 30, 1950 - June 27, 2020

James Allen Dekett, 70, of Cape Coral, passed away Saturday, June 27, 2020. No formal services are planned at this time. Mullins Memorial Funeral Home & Cremation Service, Cape Coral, is entrusted with final care.

Good morning family and friends,

Again, with a heavy heart and watering eyes, I am informing every one of the passing of my brother James Allen DeKett on June 26, 2020. Jim died yesterday due to multiple heart attacks. He just turned 70. He was running errands and collapsed at a Walgreens store in Cape Coral Florida. From there he was rushed to Cape Coral Hospital, had another heart attack and the doctors were unable to save him. Jim was not in the best of health and had a heart catherization scheduled for two weeks ago, but it was postponed due to an increase in Covid cases in south Florida.

Jim grew up in metro Detroit and attended Clawson Schools. Soon after graduating high school he enlisted in the US Navy, at the urging of our brother Bob. (better than being drafted into the army in 1970). I believe he did his basic training at the Great Lakes navel base North of Chicago, then specialized radio training at an undisclosed location, then posted to Navel Station De Rota in Spain where he served out his entire duty.
While Jim was in the Navy he was married to Gail, a girl he met in the Detroit area. That marriage was brief.

Jim returned to the Detroit area after his service and enrolled in an apprenticeship as a machinist. He completed his program and was employed as a machinist for many years for Charles DeVlieg company that produced exceptionally large milling machines. Jim was also married for 10 plus years to Dinah. They did not have any children and unfortunately, they divorced.

Jim was very lighthearted and funny, always quick to joke. He and Bob loved to play Michigan Rummy. They played multiple times per week for hours at a time. Jim was also fond of all electronics, radio-controlled boats and cars, stereos, TVs, and video. Being a lifelong motorcycle rider, Jim had the first model of the Honda Gold wing, red and full dressed. When Jim and Bob moved to Florida about 25 years ago, they opened a video production store in Cape Coral. They shot and produced promo videos and real estate videos. They were too progressive for the time. In today’s climate video real estate is an in-demand service.

Jim worked for a stucco company and as a boat maintenance man before he retired to the peace and quite of his Florida home, and watching his favorite game show, The Price is Right.

Per Jim’s explicit wishes there will not be a funeral. He will be cremated, and I hope to have him, and Bob, interned at the US military cemetery in Holly MI at a later date.

Clark J DeKett

July 17, 2019 · 

It is with deep sorrow and regret that I must inform everyone of the passing of my brother Robert Lee DeKett (Bob). Bob passed away on Monday July 15, 2019 at the home of our brother Jim DeKett, in Cape Coral Florida. Bob had been battling Lymphoma for the past year and keeping it in check, although the chemotherapy had ravaged the rest of him. Bob was 73 years old. Seventy – three seems old to some and young to others. To me, it feels too soon to lose him.

Bob meant a great deal to me, not just as a brother, but as a father figure. When our dad died in 1972, I was 9 years old. Bob filled the void as best as he could, and I will be forever grateful to him for that. There were many firsts for me with Bob. First concert, first motorcycle (which I still have), first running car and so on.

This would be the length of a novel for me to describe all his skills and talents. Here are a few:

Bob could dance. Dance all night long, any type of dance style. When he was working at Boyertown casket company in Detroit he would come home after work and eat, and take a few hours nap then go out dancing till the bars closed. Then he would get a short nap and back to work at 7 a.m., multiple times per week.

Bob could make music. He was a self-taught pianist, harmonica player and guitar player. He had a fondness for fast tempo ragtime piano playing, although he liked and listened to many types of music. He always had a pocket harmonica handy and would brandish it at a moment’s notice.

Bob was an innovator and inventor. Just a couple of months ago he called me with a new high security hinge idea. Bob loved to think up gadgets and work up prototypes. There were many examples of these in his Florida home.

Bob was a mechanic. He worked many years in South Florida for a large construction company repairing all their high-rise lifts and equipment. He also loved to tinker with small scale model boats and remote-control cars. He owned many RC cars and boats of various vintages.

Bob was a skilled woodworking craftsman. During his last couple of years working for the construction company, he designed and constructed a custom wine cellar for the company’s owner.

Bob was a patriot. He enlisted in the US army and served 4 years during the Vietnam era in an Army intelligence unit in multiple locations including Thailand and the Bahama islands, as well as State Side. Bob held a Crypto level security clearance during his service.

A few words from Bob. (from Bob’s Facebook page)

If it tastes good, smells good, looks good, sounds good, feels good and is accepted by everyone, then it must be good, at least for a while. Robert Lee DeKett

About me.
I am positive, happy, musical, mechanical, metaphysical and spiritual. I try to embrace all the qualities of God with-in and around me. I can be quite distant at times as any of my friends would agree, but I value all of them.
It was Bob’s wishes not to have a traditional viewing and funeral.

He will be dearly missed by those of us who love him.
May God Bless you brother. Love, Clark


  1. Dinah Hallett Sep 16, 2020 at 2:37 pm

    What a wonderful tribute to post the obituary of your beloved brothers, Bob and Jim.
    I came across this, how or why, I do not know, no explanation.
    The reunion they now share in heaven had to happen. To be together again along with their father, mother and all the friends and family that was a part of their lives.
    Rest in peace, Jim along with your brother and mother to whom you all lived together as a family for over 25 years.
    Rest in peace.
    Your wife that once was, Dinah

  2. Valerie Ingram Hinkley Sep 20, 2020 at 10:15 am

    Thank you for posting these loving tribute to your brothers Jim and Bob. You captured their essence, their love of life and special spirits. I met them both thru marriage into the family. Bob did my wedding video with help from Jim of course! They were loved, cherished and along with their mom are deeply missed. They are all in heaven, playing cards, having cake and laughing. Peace be with you.

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